C-4 School Report
"Solo Show at the View"
December 2010
Art is Moving
I Am an Artist Series of Interviews"
August 2010
Recycled Art Project
A City-Wide Venture"
Summer 2010
Have Art, Will Travel
Jackson County Advocate"
June 2008
Help Artist's Work See the World
eRoos - UMKC alumni Newsletter"
September 2008
KCTV5 Interview
Saturday Morning Show"
June 9, 2007
Time Lapse Window Pane Paninting
With Music by Moby"
May 2007
Artist on Mission to Give Artwork to the World
Current TV"
October 2007
Artist Work at Hard Bean
Jackson County Advocate"
July 2006
The X Entertainment Monthly
Fine Arts Issue Cover Story"
January 2006

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