Homage: The Project
Since my wife and I had a child and started a family back in 2004, I began doing a family project known as ‘the boards.’ The idea was that I would glue pieces of our lives to big wooden boards as a sort time capsule relic that both of our boys would dig on some day. One is now 13, while the other is 6. Many pieces on the boards are old toys and trinkets the kids outgrew over the years. In addition to that, there are old light bulbs, bottles, forks, RAM strips, shoes, ticket stubs and all sorts of objects that would glue to a wooden plank. As we fast forward 6 years to now, I started thinking about the best way to present these objects. I figured a set of bare boards with things indicative of our lives wasn’t going to but it. So, I thought about spray paint and dousing these into a cloud of mystery and intrigue. My brilliant wife hatched the perfect name, Homage. These boards are a homage to our lives and how much stuff we use over the years. So, on this 3rd day of May in 2011, that is my story and I’m sticking to it. Enjoy.