I try to mold the color and texture of my personal world into a variety of surfaces that satiates my desire to create. The process of completing my art is not only enjoyable, but stands as one of the few things that I know can simultaneously defeat time and make someone smile.

The painting of Joe Dimino is rich in color, multi-layered, and thought provoking. His ability to manipulate a variety of mediums and types of canvass enables his work to cover a wide spectrum of focus and ideas. His oils are deep and thick, giving the canvass a texture of its own, and his watercolors are light and fresh, yet he is able to capture a luminous color usually reserved for heavier paints.

 The subjects of his paintings are as varied as the mediums he chooses to work with. Although he favors portraiture and landscape, he is also interested in intangible, abstract weavings of color. The element of Joe’s painting that makes it different is the whimsical perspective through which he views his subjects. He does not intend to detail a subject, or capture its worldly essence; he instead desires to capture the color, shape, and texture through his own diverse view.

 Born in 1972, in Kansas City, Missouri Joe Dimino spent most of his childhood hoping to become a major league baseball player. His love of art contrasted sharply with his desire to play ball and in college he decided to focus on communication studies hoping for a career in sports broadcasting. He soon realized that expression and communication were related to his former love of painting and he began painting again.

 His work attempts to communicate via a medium other than oral communication. Paint, photography, and sculpture allow him to speak through color, texture, and form. His paintings are a communication of his own unique vision.

 Joe is often inspired by everyday happenings of the city: stray scenes he captures on a whim. He is inspired by the random, startling color of nature, and the movement of day to evening. Most all of his work can be described as a moment captured and realized by color, line, and texture. Joe is always working on new ways to create and hone his craft. He searches for uncommon canvass, creative color, and inventive ways of blending genres.

 His work is designed not only for private collection but also for the astute business owner. His most recent collection “Snapshot: Instants Idealized” has been specifically designed for corporate spaces, and wide audience public viewing. This particular collection ranges in subject from jazz to horticulture. Joe’s desire as an artist is to enrich the lives of people by offering them visual pleasure.

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Overview Joe has produced ten featured artist shows in the Kansas City, MO area since 2001 and had his pieces appearing in various spots around the city. In addition, he has been in multiple auctions and art fairs. Currently, he is getting continuing to mount momentum after a regular dose of shows and auctions throughout the years. Currently, he has a huge amount of work on consignment at the Tres Chic Exchange on State Line Road (Antique Alley) in Midtown Kansas City, MO. His mediums include: wood, canvass, oil, acrylic, watercolor, machinery parts, pine cones, wires and other assorted pieces of people consumption. He has been painting since 1996 and has many pieces in a variety of mediums available to show. Currently, he is focusing on getting affordable artwork to a hose of new people along with selling work to local businesses. His newest venture is a recycled art project that aims to incorporate recycled objects onto wood with paint to display on light poles around the Kansas City metro area. People get to decide if they want to take the artwork home or let it stay on the pole for folks to see. He is consistently busy on a wide range of commissioned projects for individuals.

Show/Event Experience
June 2016 - Stuey McBrew's - First Friday - Lee's Summit, MO
May 2016 - Art of Blues and Jazz at Buttonwood Art Gallery - KCMO
July - August 2014 - 4th Friday's Art Walk at Mingle - Solo Show - Lee's Summit, MO
March - April 2014 - Buttonwood Art Space, Group Autism Show, Crossroads KCMO
March - April 2012 - The View Community Center, Solo Show Grandview, MO
April 2011 - Grafitti Grill, Solo Show Midtown Kansas City, MO
January & February 2011 - The View Community Center, Solo Show Grandview, MO
2010-2012 - Fresh & Local, Donating Artist
Summer 2010 - Artist in Third Thursday Events Downtown Grandview, MO
(Crew’s Jewelry/Angeleye/Animal Hopsital)
2010 to 2011 - Tres Chic Exchange - Consignment Artist 4436 State Line Rd, Kansas City, KS 66103
June 2009 - May 2010 - Haden Lofts - 4th Floor Hallway of Art Crossroads Art District, Kansas City, MO
2009 - - Permanent Display, with a traveling exhibit Wilkes-Barre, PA
May - June 2008 : The Hard Bean Cafe - Featured Artist Downtown Grandview, MO
April - May 2008 : Bailye’s Wine Bar- Featured Artist Lee’s Summit, MO
July 2007 : The Coffee Girls - Crossroads Art District - Featured Artist Downtown Kansas City, MO
May - July 2007 - River’s Bend Gallery in Parkville, MO - Consignment Pieces
February - April 2007 : Cerner Corporation - Featured Artist via KC Arts Council Corporate Offices
(Vision Center) in North Kansas City, MO
December 2006 - January 2007 : Berkowitz Oliver Williams Shaw & Eisenbrandt - Featured Artist -
2600 Grand - Kansas City, MO
Nov. - Dec. 2006 : Blue Koi Restaurant - Featured Artist 39th Street District - Kansas City, MO
September 23-24 : UnPlaza Art Fair - Vendor Unitarian church - Kansas City, MO
August 5, 2006: Donating Artwork to ACLU - Rebel with a Cause Silent Auction -  Downtown Kansas City, MO
July 28, 2006: Participating Artist in the Strawberry Hill Artwalk  - City Lofts in Downtown Kansas City, KS
July 2006: Featured Artist at The Hard Bean Cafe  - Downtown Grandview, MO
June 2006 - Featured Artist at Kansas City, KS Public Library - Main Branch Downtown Kansas City, KS
April 2006: KCPT On-Air Art Auction - “Sunflowers Photo.Paint” Kansas City, MO
March 2006: Featured Artist at Room 39 -  Kansas City, MO
Feb. - April 2006: Featured Artist at Muddy’s Coffeehouse -  Kansas City, MO
Feb. 2006: Featured Artist at the Unitarian Gallery - All souls Church -  Kansas City, MO
Jan. - Feb. 2006: Featured artist at the Mojo Collection Crossroads District, Kansas City, MO
November 2005: Donating Artist in the Accessible Arts Auction (2 pieces) Kansas City, MO
October 2005: Donating Artist in the Our Lady of Peace Benefit Auction Kansas City, MO
Sept. 2005: Artist Vendor/Display at the Big Creek Music Festival  - Pattonsburg, MO
Oct. 2004: Artist Show at Dr. Sigler’s Dental Office  - Plaza Location, KCMO
March 2002: Featured Artist at the Crave Café, Month-long show West 39th Street District, KCMO
Aug. 2001: Featured Artist at Bar Stefano, Month-long show Waldo Area, KCMO
April 2001: Selected pieces on permanent display at the Human Nature Salon Westport Area, KCMO
Feb. 2001: Featured Artist at the Cup and Saucer, Month-long show River Market Area, KCMO
1999 – 2000: Selected by a Panel to have work sold as a vendor during the Art sales on Sunday’s in the River Market 1998-2000: Pieces on consignment at the Late Show Gallery KCMO

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