Traveling Artwork Project – Feedback

Joe, This is an awesome and brave idea. Not many artists would just “give” their work out. I appreciate your sense of globality. Art should be shared with as many people as can be. I’m not traveling anywhere anytime soon, but wonder if the traveling Dimino exhibit could travel via USPS. - B

Joe, What a cool idea! - ROBB

Hey Joe, I keep forgetting to mention this to you when you bring/pick up Miles -- but I would be happy to take one or more of your paintings when I go to Califoria. I will be with my sister for one day in Los Banos CA and then will be working in Berkeley at the University. Let me know if you want me to help. - Mel

Dear Joe, I think this is a wonderful project. I would like to help you but I do not have plans to travel so far. If I do I will let you know. We could use a story on this and maybe pictures on
Anyway, good luck. - Carolina

Check this, another update on Joe. He's always up to something. His art is being dispersed all over the country, and soon, internationally via a close knit circuit of friends and followers...

Whatever you want me to do to get the gospel of Joe out to the good people's of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Greater Detroit...  - CP

Get it, got it....good! I am going to Des Moines in a few weeks, so I will plan on beating someone over the head with one of these pieces. - JFB

Joltin Joe - One of your paintings will be attending the Duke / Carolina game this Sunday at the Dean Dome. If the game's on your t.v., you might keep an eye out. - G Money